About Us

Your source for Industrial Surplus, Commercial Surplus, Laboratory Surplus, Medical Surplus, IT Surplus and Consumer Surplus

eTech Surplus was founded by two businessmen that have been privately buying and selling Industrial and Commercial Surplus since 1998. They decided in 2005 to join forces and start a business so that they could bring you, the customer, the best deals on used equipment and surplus.


What We Buy:

eTech Surplus buys all types of new, used and surplus equipment and supplies, whether it's a single item, pallet full, or parts crib. We offer our customers what we call "RODA" - Return On Depreciated Assets. It's our way of saying that we will pay for the assets that no longer make business sense or create a revenue stream for your business. We specialize in industrial and commercial supplies, but will consider any surplus you may have. Don't want the hassle and expense of selling your surplus or used equipment? Use the Sell Your Surplus link to email us with the list of equipment you would like to sell, or give us a call at (585) 254-4180.


What We Sell:

This one is pretty easy, we sell what we buy! We always try to represent the item(s) we are selling to the best of our ability. If the item has a known defect, we will prominently state that in the item description. You will never see or be forced to read the "fine print" (we hate fine print) to find out that the item your interested in has a defect or is not functioning. Usually, this isn't something you have to worry about. Most of our inventory is made up of functioning equipment that can be immediately placed in your existing equipment or on your shop floor.